Adela Art Gallery

Art Director of Adela Art Gallery, Mgr. Adela Capcarová, gained public recognition with an exhibition in Prague in 2006, where she exhibited the famous Cubist of Bulgarian origin, painter Rumen Sazdov. The exhibition was held in the Jánsky hill venue near Lesser Town Square in Prague. Two years later, in August 2008, she chose the lucrative area of ​the iconic café in the centre of Prague, Café Louvre, for the next exhibition of the same artist entitled "Women in the summer of caprice". This successful exhibition, dedicated to women and hosted by David Kraus, was visited by celebrities of Prague's cultural life: Pavel Horáček, Petr Hapka, Vladimír Gdovín and Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer. Rumen Sazdov’s works are in the collections of the American actor Bruce Willis, Bulgarian Prince Kiril Tarnovski, Princess Stephanie of Monaco and the guitarist of Scorpions. Sazdov has been registered in French auction catalogue Meyer and the index of artists in the global art market from 1995. He is a member of A.D.A.G.P. in Paris.


Before Adela Capcarová registered her gallery branch in Slovakia, she attended several world fairs of art as well as domestic and international plein-airs. There she not only established contacts with top artists of Czech, Slovak and foreign art scene, but she also got to know the new trends in contemporary art.


In 2012, she was the guarantor of an exhibition in Vranov nad Topľou, which she co-organized together with Art Diela gallery. The exhibition was aimed at promoting artists from the East-Slovak region. The result of fruitful cooperation with top east Slovak artists was the exhibition "Ecoshapes and Country" in May 2015 in Košice, which exhibited the works of painter Pavol Kvoriak and sculptor Jaroslav Drotár. The exhibition was financially supported by Ecopoint and the owner of Austrian company Bischoff & Compagnons Property Networks GmbH Dr. Alexander Maculan. The exhibition was positively received by Košice media and the general public.


In April 2017, Adela Art Gallery plans an exhibition of works by painter Milan Laluha and painter and sculptor Jaroslav Dvorský in collaboration with private collectors.

In parallel with gallery activities, Adela Art Gallery cooperates with leading Slovak and Czech art historians. The gallery sells works and statues of prominent local artists, as well as artists from abroad. The emphasis is mainly on quality and maximum responsiveness, as well as high quality professional advice to their customers.